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Teak Shower Mat

CODE : 262

The House of Teak Shower Mat, Teak Bath and Shower Mats, Wooden Shower Mat Bath Mats Floor Mat Bathroom Mat Non Slip

90.17 cm x 50.17 cm x 3 cm

Teak Bath & Shower Mats
Make your space safer and more comfortable with a teak wood floor mat from Dekor Asia
Wherever you place one, an Dekor Asia teak shower mat is the perfect addition to your space. Naturally water resistant, each teak bath mat that we manufacture is promised to last for years. Pair it with your favorite style of teak shower bench in the family bathroom, or out on the patio door as an accent that keeps both water and dirt from coming inside. Made from Grade-A solid teak wood, every one of our teak wood accessories and furniture is guaranteed to last beautifully for years. Easy to clean and maintain, teak furniture is meant to endure the elements without the hassle that other wood furniture can bring. The features and benefits of teak wood mats include:

Environmentally Friendly
All of our teak wood products are made from the finest, Grade-A teak wood that has been harvested from environmentally friendly Indonesian teak wood nurseries. This helps reduce the negative impact on the natural environment and ensures that each tree is replaced as it is used. You can enjoy your teak furniture with a clear conscious.

Waterproof and Weather-resistant
Teak wood is naturally waterproof and weather-resistant. Its natural oils prevent water from penetrating and damaging the wood, protecting the wood from rot, decay, mold, and warping. This makes teak the ideal material for furniture inside your bath or spa, on the patio, or poolside. Whether you live in a place that is rainy, humid, snowy, or full of scorching sunshine, teak wood is able to withstand whatever mother nature throws at it.

Teak wood is naturally durable and known for its strength. Like most hardwoods, it will not crack or bend over time and maintains its original form. In fact, teak has been used for centuries to build large ships and yachts. This is an important feature when it comes to floor mats that people must stand on and count on for safety in wet environments.

Though teak floor mats are designed for use in a bath or spa, they are able to be used anywhere that you need a mat. Use in the shower, spa, poolside, or on the patio. At Dekor Asia, we have a variety of sizes and designs to fit any place you want!

Quality Craftsmanship
Each teak accessory is handmade by expert woodworkers, using only the finest cuts of teak wood and quality non-slip rubber. This ensures that your teak floor mat is finely made and is unique.

In addition to its multi-use durability, teak wood is valued for its beauty. All-natural teak wood has a color and sheen that is unmatched by any other wood. Each Dekor Asia product is made with Grade-A teak that is naturally rich in color and has a shine that lasts.

Dekor Asia is proud to offer a wide range of teak floor mats that allow you to choose from a variety of designs. From small non-slip shower mats to large floor mats that are perfect for your deck, we have the selection that you need.

In addition to our pre-made options, we are proud to offer the ability to build your own floor mat to specific measurements and shape cuts! You can cover your entire bath or spa floor or create a teak deck for your pool. Check out our custom teak floor mat options. Dekor Asia is proud to be the largest manufacturer of teak wood floor mats. Discover the beautiful difference of teak by shopping our entire collection of teak accessories and bath mats today.